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What You Get

LiftDemand incorporates the most effective marketing tools & resources for creating small business success:

Awesome Technology

Reputation management to E-mail marketing, you’ll get the tech you need to surpass your competitors.

Easy to Follow Training

Comprehensive training guides you through a specific process designed to ensure your success in record time.

Group Coaching

Regular monthly sessions with mentors answer questions and help you keep on track with your goals.

Included Technology & Services

Client Relationship Marketing

Client Relationship Marketing

Complete system to build a 5-star reputation and monitor the reviews you are gathering on the Internet. Also includes a review portal to boost your website’s SEO value in Google & Bing search engines.

YouTube Video Marketing for Local Small Businesses Leverages Social Media to Build Brand Authority

YouTube Video Marketing

Get a customized video each month based on the reviews you are gathering that helps your brand stand out in your market. Videos are uploaded to YouTube and designed to have an impact on social media and local SEO.

Mobile Responsive Website / Mobile App Help a Small Business Reach More Clients

Mobile Responsive Website

Potent technology designed specifically for WordPress to create an app-like experience for your mobile website visitors including splash screens and the ability to directly save the “app” on their devices.

Cost Effective Marketing Strategies Include Inbound Marketing Automation to Drive Local Traffic

Inbound Marketing Automation

Incorporates potent technology in one comprehensive system that magically integrates voice, SMS text, Email marketing, social, advertising, & more… includes lead generating capabilities. Also works for outbound marketing.

On-page Local SEO

On Page Locally Targeted SEO

Comprehensive SEO system scans your website for SEO health and offers intelligence on how to improve your SEO score. Incorporates cutting edge techniques for optimizing your small business presence.

Detailed Reporting Fine-Tunes Online Marketing Results

Detailed Reporting & Analysis

Reporting modules let you see traffic patterns, social media penetration, reputation details, SEO insights, automation attribution, & more. You’ll know what’s working and what needs to be adjusted.

Cost Effective Marketing Strategies

With These 5 Steps You’ll Dramatically Surpass Your Competitors

We include easy marketing strategies for small business combined with ongoing guidance. Month after month we’ll give you training, tools, and group coaching to help you create dramatic success in your market.

Step 1

Track Performance

Gives you the understanding and tools required to develop your performance baselines as well as KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) to make sure that you clearly see where your marketing initiatives are producing results as well as where you may need to act in order to create more positive results. All the reporting technology you’ll need is included. (1 Month)

Step 2

Get Client to
Share the Love

Offers you the systems as well as the methods to maximize your best client relationships. You’ll discover ways to easily capture 5-star reviews plus ways to avoid adverse reviews. Incorporates the necessary technology to track and optimize results. This effort will produce traffic & referrals as well. (2 Months)

Step 3

Video Marketing

Creates customized video based on the best reviews you collect each month. Videos are SEO optimized and uploaded to YouTube. They are also promoted across social media. Each video becomes an asset to your company that will help you build your brand presence in record time. (3 Months)


Step 4

Local SEO

Discover the most crucial on-page elements that are necessary if you hope to rank better than your competitors on Google and Bing. We offer all the technology you’ll need to help your company outrank your rival sites. We’ll help you take control of your destiny and save thousands vs. paying a consultant. If needed, incorporates advanced mobile capabilities.

Includes Yext, Moz, and Bright Local services. Custom landing page includes your best customer reviews and offers social proof that your brand is the best in the market.

Plus, get a long-term understanding of the proper way to develop marketing material for your website, press releases, Email marketing, etc. You’ll discover how to create content that captures the reader’s interest while also maximizing search engine ranking potential. Plus we incorporate the “secret” techniques and technology needed to create the kind of content that will literally program a person to want to talk with you instead of your competition.

Incorporates a “Top 10 Ranking Report” for 1 Keyword designed to help you monitor competitors and outlining the necessary steps to achieve Page 1 ranking in record time for that specific keyword. (4 Months)

Step 5

Get Faster Sales

Helps you transform your web site into an effective sales tool while also producing a baseline of strong leads. From recognizing exactly how to hijack your competitors online efforts to  LinkedIn basics, you’ll be well on your way to generating sales appointments with extremely qualified leads.

Learn The Power of Call Tracking – Equips you to leverage thorough call tracking within your company to ensure that you can clearly understand how prospects are finding your small business.

Advanced Email Marketing – Broaden your Email-based sales / outreach efforts past what you currently leverage or think you understand. This gives you awesome E-mail marketing technology and will allow you & your team to begin putting Email to work in a way that reinforces relationships and attracts more clients.

Ringless Voice Mail & SMS Text – Learn the secrets of sending messages to hundreds or thousands of clients and prospects at the same time while saving yourself time and money in the process. Automatically leave birthday and anniversary messages. Send out special notifications and reminders. The opportunities and capabilities are endless. (Ongoing)


Step ?

What’s next?

At this stage you’ve successfully leveraged a massive quantity of technology, learning, and mentoring to totally transform your company into a self-sufficient enterprise capable of putting local online marketing to work, creating leads and sales to help you surpass your competition. You’ll have acquired self-assurance, solid routines, and an effective foundation for what follows: A deep-dive into marketing PPC advertising, being “seen” beyond your site, conversion rate optimization, and so much more. Join us today to become an insider…

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~ Sean

“There is no better way to outplay your competitors…”

~ David

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The 5-Step Marketing Plan For Small Business

Save $1,500 to $5,500 or more per month vs. what others charge by taking control of your digital marketing destiny. Leverage our technology, training, & group coaching to dramatically surpass your competitors and become a market leader. With each step you’ll layer on powerful tools, great services, and potent training designed to empower your team to succeed.

Lift Demand’s value oriented pricing with $0 setup costs makes this the most affordable small business marketing solution available.

Super Affordable: Get All This For Less Than $1,500/mo

(Most “gurus” charge $1,500 to $2,500/mo to optimize a site for 10 keywords alone!)

Did you Know?


Of all local online searchers will follow-up by phone or personal visit. (comScore / TMP)


Of decision makers leverage social media to help inform local purchase decisions. (Kelsey / BIA)


Of decision makers have replaced phone books with local online search. (comScore)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Success Credit?

To help ensure you are keeping up with each step of the process, we give you the opportunity to earn credits toward future services by successfully completing designated success factors for each step. Once you’ve earned enough success credits to cover a month of service, those credits will be applied.  Generally it will take 15 months to earn one $0 month of service. It’s our way of giving you an extra reward to keep you motivated as you build solid digital marketing habits into your small business month after month.

How do I Save Money?

It’s amazing how much a small business can spend on digital marketing… it all adds up:

  • Reputation Management: $200 to $500/mo
  • Customized Video Production: $350 to $1,500 each
  • Mobile App: $100 to $200/mo
  • Local Google Map SEO: $750 to $1,000/mo
  • Standard SEO for 10 Keywords: $1,500 to $2,500/mo
  • Marketing Automation: $2,500 to $4,500/mo + Consulting Fees

With LiftDemand we give you access to best of breed technology and the necessary training to take control of your local online marketing. We handle some of the heavy lifting for you and we back it all up with ongoing coaching to make sure you  are getting the most out of what we offer.

How can you offer these savings?

We’re empowering you and your team with “insider” secrets so you can manage the details and avoid paying a consultant to do the work.

Are there hidden costs?

We’ve worked hard to make this as “all inclusive” as possible. For each step we’ve included all the core tools you’ll need to create success. There are a handful of tools that we’ll recommend along the way to make your life easier that will cost extra, however they are optional. Wherever possible we’ve negotiated discounts for those as well.

IMPORTANT: Telephony costs are always billed separately. We follow a zero-gouge policy which means our “consumable” prices are always fair. These include standard PBX phone lines ($3/each), outbound & inbound calls ($0.05 /minute), call recording ($0.01 /minute) voicemail broadcast ($0.12 /send) , advanced Caller ID lookup ($0.50 /attempt), SMS Text ($0.06 /send). These rates are subject to change. Actual rates are shown within management system.

List of Small Businesses We Serve

We are the best & most cost effective online marketing firm for:

  • Architects & Interior Designers
  • Attorneys
  • Business Consultants
  • CPA’s / Bookkeepers
  • Financial Advisers
  • Fitness Experts & Gyms
  • Independent Insurance Agencies
  • IT Consultants
Is Internet Marketing Cost Effective for Small Business?

This is such an important question for a small business to ask. Internet marketing is indeed cost effective for all professional service based companies. However, the best small businesses quickly learn that some forms of online marketing are more powerful than others. For example different types of social media engagement will generate varying results depending on the specific business and their clientele.

LiftDemand will help you implement an effective marketing plan that will automatically be optimized for your specific business because of our unique process.

Leverage Cost Effective Marketing Strategies

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