Local Internet Marketing With a Difference!

LiftDemand by Anton Digital LLC specializes in local marketing services, training, and mentoring for U.S. based professional services. While most local marketing services either charge a huge amount of money or throw you into the deep end with little instruction (or both), our approach helps you maximize the impact of your investment while simultaneously reducing costs. We achieve this by enabling you to become self-sufficient in achieving lasting business success & results.


4 Ways LiftDemand Goes Beyond…


1. Driven by an ROI First Principle

While “local marketing agencies” are popping up practically daily, they can’t match our breadth or depth of experience in sales & marketing. We’ve designed a complete digital marketing strategy that starts with techniques designed to help you generate more leads within the first 12 weeks. After that we help you through a detailed process of refining your approach over time to create long-term, sustainable results. And that translates into a better Return on Investment for you through each stage of our process.


2. It’s All About Your Success

We specialize in Professional Service Practices for a reason… rather than a one-size fits all approach, we’re able to tailor our approach for your unique situation. We start by helping you get to know yourself and market in a way that you’ve likely never experienced before. This creates a foundation that is singularly critical in dramatically surpassing your competitors.


3. Unparalleled Internet Marketing Training

We work to strengthen your internal capabilities to generate predictable revenue so that your practice remains busy regardless of what may be happening in the world around you. We give you the tools and then we help you understand the best ways to leverage them in order to create success. In fact we give you ALL the tools you’ll need. From Reputation Marketing & Local SEO to Marketing Automation & YouTube Video Marketing. Then we back those tools with step-by-step training so that you’ll be making a big impact in your local market in little time.


4. Mentoring… Coaching… Your Secret to Success

Whether you call it mentoring or coaching the impact is still the same. We give you one-on-one guidance tailored to your situation to help you get the most out of our technology and training. Our mentors are there to hold you accountable while offering you support along the way. This is your journey. It’s your market. It’s your practice. And the greatest impact in digital marketing will happen when you are firmly in control of your local online marketing efforts.


We offer a proprietary process combined with technologies, training, and coaching designed to ensure maximum impact while stretching each marketing dollar invested.

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